March 18, 2019

Online Marketing Tools

Working from home has never been as easy as there are loads of online marketing tools that are hands-on and performance oriented. The right tools will help you at home and work while sparing you the rigors of daily travel, the travails of an employee and having to do as the employer tells you to do. If you want to do a home based business, you need to use the right online marketing tools to make it a success.

Check reviews

A home based business is a surefire way toward financial independence and the easiest way to kick your job. If you are home based mom, you can spend time with the kids. Without the proper marketing tools, working from home could be very frustrating.

To achieve the success you set out for could go out of your reach if you lack the necessary tools to get them going. But before you select a tool, you should check the reviews as there are lots of scams going on.

Your best bet would be to check the reviews to get an idea of how good and effective they are as many of them on the internet are out to take advantage of newcomers to online businesses. Your basic tool is a great landing page that can quickly direct visitors to the call for action buttons.

The more attractive and simple your website is the better would be your chances for attracting as well as making visitors stick around. You have a good chance of turning prospects into customers.

Referrals and ad trackers are another asset of tools that you can use effectively in your home based business. You will know which of the ads are doing good and bringing you business and identify the others that are not working so well. To get the best tools up and running, you need to identify your niche market and tailor the tools as well as fine tune the strategies as well.

Articles and blogs

Your website for selling products or services should pop up and for that your articles and blogs should contain catchy words that are picked yup by search engines. SEO is a great way to go places with your online business and it is easy once you pick up the tips. There are DVD’s sold online that can provide you with valuable tips and leads to make your product or service sell better than your competitors.

You can send newsletters to prospects and send regular updates in them as well as offer upfront discounts as well. Once the prospect knows that you are offering iron clad buyback guarantee for your product, trust automatically develops and the prospect is converted into a customer in real time. Online marketing tools can quickly turn your working from home into a business success.

Work From Home Tools

To be successful in your business you need some good work from home tools. Your own creativity and focus is essential but without the right tools you will find it hard to succeed.

Many tools will cost you some money, but many times you can get some free advice directly from the companies that sell work from home tools. A well known example is Mike Dillards products like the “Magnetic Sponsoring” and his other useful tools. You can find a list of them in my blog following the link below. But there are also free methods that could be treated as “tools” too, and the first I’d like to talk about is e-mail.

Building your e-mail list is a matter of it’s own and I will not cover that in this article. E-mail can be sent as plain text messages or HTML coded. Many list building sites use plain text only, so most of the marketing messages you receive is in plain text format. The first obstacle you have to overcome with your message is to get the person to actually open and read it. That’s why the subject line is so important. And to be able to write a good subject line you have to be really clear of your own intentions with your message. Do you want them to buy a product, clink a link or anything else? But let’s say that you have a business offer and you have a squeeze page you want them to enter. Your subject line has to be something catchy but without telling exactly what you offer.

An example could be: Do You Want To Make A Change in 2010? Not telling anything but it’s still tempting.

So you got them interested enough to open the message! Next step should be to begin your message body by telling how you can help solving their problem. And your solution could still be a bit “hidden” if you really want them to click on your link. But still it’s really important to establish trust and a personal relationship while keeping it as short as possible. Keep relevant and skip all unnecessary information. I have this great solution for you and it’s really simple… A great way to increase the number of people clicking your link, is to offer something for free. (Report, e-book, video). And to really tighten your offer, there could be a time line for it. Make a clear ending and remember to be honest and show a personal contact link and your name. So to make sure your e-mail can be a good work from home tool in your marketing, read it through several times before posting. Try to put yourself in the readers situation. Is the subject line tempting? You will only get a couple of seconds of attention, so your e-mail has to be easy to read and very clear.

Twitter is a social media that has caught a lot of attention during the last year. Many people does not realize how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool, but the truth is that it’s one of the most effective free tools out there. You might not become a millionaire on Twitter only, but all skills you learn, can be transferred to other social medias.

Setting up your Twitter account is a straightforward task and should not cause any problems, but you should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Your account name! Preferably you should select your own name as your user name. If that’s not available, use your middle initials or something else combined with your name. You should brand yourself. Your business will show later.
  • Pick a great picture of yourself. Leaving this part out will absolutely lower your chances. Worst case is all users that are just using a Twitter default picture. I for sure would not follow that person. Find a picture that sends out positive and trustful signals.
  • Use the 160 characters for your bio to give a positive view of yourself. Be honest, but don’t be shy. Short statements of you as person mixed with some words of what your mission is.
  • Get a nice background picture. There are many sites with free images, so just select one that you like and that sends out positive energy from your site. is just one site to mention.
  • If you have some photoshop (or similar) skills, you might want to add some extra information to your picture, but it’s not that necessary in the beginning.

So, now you’re up and running! Next step is to build your follower list. There are two different lists in Twitter, followers, and follows. Followers are those reading your tweets. Your goal is to get as many followers as possible to have a chance of getting leads for your business. The easiest way to get followers, is simply to follow the right persons, and they will (often) follow you back. To select the right categories of users, simply click “Find People” and enter a name like “Mike Dillard”, category like “online business” or a any other subject and click follow on those you’d like to see as followers. Repeat this task every day to increase your list. Remember that Twitter only allows a 10% follows/follower ratio, so now and then you have to unfollow persons who are not following you.

Last but not least, in order to become successful on Twitter, you have to be an active “Tweeter” yourself. Send 10-15 tweets per day and use a mix of personal statements, quotes, jokes, value added links and of course your own advertising tweets. Do NOT just send your ads over and over again. Make connections, BE SOCIAL, and you will soon see that you will start getting your leads from Twitter!